Monday, February 6, 2012


Symbiotic, 2012
acrylic on canvas, 24" x 30"
artist, Tiffany Besonen
Hopefully this looks more effortless than it was... some kids simply
require more effort than others.
Maybe recent bizarre dreams are influencing, and complicating,
my work. I am reaching some kind of territory that is a little
uncomfortable--so that must mean that learning and growing is
happening, right? Or perhaps my jeans are just too tight.

More recent paintings:

Thursday, December 15, 2011

... Down to the count....

SOLD....Spartanburg SC

....Is it possible that there could be just a little too much counting going on? ...feels like a bit much over here... but it is all good... My kids are counting the days until they are done with school... and how many days until Christmas of course!!

....I, on the other hand, am counting the days until my kickstarter project, An Affair Of The Art, is over... January 2nd is the big day... And with a bit more luck and some kind hearted souls I will be dreaming..and again counting, the days ahead.

....Don't get me wrong... I am thrilled at the thought of taking a first ever class...and with a sought after artist, none the less- , I am really looking forward to and waiting for the newest mystery to unfold.... what will I learn... and what will unfold? I am excited to get back to the studio and put all of this generosity to good use!
...My feelings have given me a bit of a shock, I would have thought that I would be drooling at the thought of actual attendance at the class and gosh, getting to see tons of fabulous galleries and works! -Afterall, it isn't often...well, it hasn't happened at all...that I would get an opportunity to work and fill my head to the brim for 2 weeks straight uninterrupted of such things like...'mom, can you make me a sandwich... or where are my socks?'

...And then there is the money count...will I make it or not... about 16 days left... and I know folks are tied up this time of year with Christmas and all... not exactly the best time of year to be doing a fundraiser- things get a little tight!

...If you looked at my kickstarter project, the donated amount will currently read 1926$ ...and only 42% raised... just so you understand we are closer than that... Thankfully I can report that the amount left is roughly 700 dollars to raise. The difference is due to direct donations and commissions towards my project, via snail mail and such... Shhh...don't tell anyone but I am secretly hoping that Santa spreads some magic to help me finish it off

I know he can do it... we have been in touch to set a few more paintings on Santa's sleigh... 'Boisterous Blossom' (left) will drop off in Spartanburg South Carolina and 'Minding Her Own' (lower right) will continue on to Miami Florida...... (click on the images to view full screen)

...Thank you to the kind folks who have supported my project, purchased my work...

Posted by Artist Kayleen Horsma- see more of her work at
SOLD....Miami Florida

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Arts Guild Reflections

Feeling quite reflective lately. I have a recent personal blog entry reminiscing
what it was like to go back and see a favorite sculpture, on a college campus
that I hadn't seen in over 20 years. To say the least, it was moving. That
sculpture marked a time when I began seriously making art and appreciating
it, a time in my life that helped steer my path. A lot has happened since I stood
in front of that sculpture in 1989. (For the full blog entry, use link below.)

“The Arvegods” (1979) by Ray Jacobson, represents a pair of early Norwegian pioneers.
Concordia College, Moorhead campus.

I am also looking back to two short years ago, when the Menahga Arts
Guild was forming, and I was meeting some of the other artists in our
community for the first time. I had my doubts that I could steer the ship
as the president, but I learned that teamwork keeps an organization
like this going. As artists we work well alone, but we have proven that
we can accomplish a lot when combining our talents and strengths.
And currently, I believe we are on the tip of realizing just how much
more we can accomplish individually with encouragement from each

Two years of MAG, in estimated numbers:
$7100--how much we have received in grant funds from
             The 5 Wings Arts Council
91--how many students attended our Youth Arts Camp
       over two summers 
30--local artists who have somehow benefited from the MAG
$2500--how much our April Scholarship fundraiser earned in 2011
250--how many people were served yummy bbq ribs during our
         April 2011 fundraiser
100--how many silent auction items were donated for our fundraiser
4--how many arts guild members recently applied for individual artist
15--how many gallery exhibits arts guild members have been in over
       the last two years
25--how many art & craft festivals/sales members have participated
       in over two years
350--how many people walk through our Mid-Summer craft festival
         each summer
25--how many craft vendors had booths at our 2011 craft festival
$1000--the amount of our MAG Art Scholarship, for a graduating
             Menahga High School senior going into an art-related field in
             college, will be announced in April 2012
70--artworks by youth art camp participants on display at the Cottage
       House Cafe during August 2011

July 2011 youth art camp paintings drying

July 2011 youth art camp handmade paper/paint quilts

July 2011 youth art camp, watercolor still life painting

Intuitive Ewe

February Ewe 1, 2011. Ink on a 1921 encyclopedia page.
(Click on image to see words and details.)
 Artist blog entry from Menahga Arts Guild member, T. Besonen.

Recently, I have been working more intuitively with images, words,
and materials to create narratives that seem to delve into the
subconscious. Creating these personal metaphors is a therapeutic
process of soothing my own anxieties, and discovering how we are
all connected to each other, as well as connected to nature and to
the past.

Also, I have been researching the Art Nouveau movement of the
early 1900s in art and design history. I am fascinated with how this
time period was such an important transition into the modern art era,
and I see parallels between the industrialization of the early 1900s
and the digitalization of today.

Drawing on the surface of 1920s encyclopedia pages with black
ink, I am enjoying the process of responding to the surface texture
and words as sheep images and natural, art-nouveau-inspired
motifs overlap.

I grew up on a sheep farm in North-Central Minnesota. At age
eleven, I became awe-inspired by nursing half-frozen lambs back
to life, and experienced mothering instincts for the first time.
Experiences with mothering my own two daughters today, the
oldest nearly eleven, may be why sheep images are surfacing in
my work recently.

February Ewe 2, 2011. Ink on a 1921 encyclopedia page.
(Click on image to see words and details.)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

...A visit to Kayleen Horsma's studio...


...Thought I would take you along to see a bit of my studio...
While I was loading up these pictures I was reminded of how nice it is to have my OWN space. I know. I worked at the table for many years... or maybe we were just eating on my easel?

...I remember when I was a tad bit younger liking space.... seems that I have always had a bit of an issue with that sort of thing, come to think of it. This may come as a bit of a shock to you, but I SOOO badly wanted to have my own bathroom...

...At least one of my sisters liked space too.. though she didn't really appreciate that I liked her space... especially when we set up our play house in her closet. It was a perfect size.. had our own window, kitchen, and all.. no bathroom, but that didn't really matter.

...and there is one more story that is kind of humorous now that I am reminded of space. I was sponsored by the local Coop as a midsummer queen candidate. We were given a list of questions to prepare to answer on stage. One of the questions was, 'What are the pros and cons of being from a large family?' ... WAAAY too obvious... I would never be asked that one. Right. So I walk the walk, and wait prepared for the big question. Right? .... Well, what is a person supposed to do, but be honest and give a very queenly styled answer...'The cons are that If you live in a small home there might not be enough room, and the pros are that if you do, you learn to cooperate quickly.'
The audience was a bit more entertained than I had intended.

Needless to say, I am thankful to have some space.

I think my kids are too. Although, Owen, my 7 year old- just today asked about the meetings that I go to... 'Why do you have so many meetings? Do you go have a meeting with yourself, huh?' (I had met with a reporter and his wife from the Finish American Reporter this morning at the studio.)

I can be reached by cell at 218-639-2251 for one of those meetings that I have with myself :)
....right off of HWY 71 in Menahga, MN

(** paintings on the easels are in progress)


Article by Kayleen, a copy from her blog at

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Dreaded Artist Statement!

I have come to realize that writing an artist statement during 
a time of transition in my work can be a tense, messy process, 
but this time it was well worth the effort. Writing this artist 
statement (below) really helped gain understanding of where 
my work has been. The two pieces mentioned below will be in 
an upcoming exhibit at the Cyrus Running Gallery at Concordia 
College, Moorhead, Minnesota in September 2011.

    More                                                  More detail

Artist Statement
As a mixed-medium artist, I work both two and three-dimensionally; my sculptures and paintings seem to fuel one another. My recent paintings and sculptures are examining how we all are connected to each other, as well as needing a connection to nature. For the last seven years, I have been working with sewing pattern paper as my primary material, inventing processes to use the material without losing its delicate and translucent qualities. I enjoy sewing pattern paper’s natural color, graphic markings, and associations with traditional women’s work and craft.

The painting More began as an ode to light, as the womb-like pear form was painted to allow light and color through the translucent paper. As it continued, I chose to repeat the block-printed word “more” and it quickly became a statement or challenge. Are we all sheep? Or can we resist the demand upon us to have and do more, and more fully appreciate the natural abundance all around us?

Once I began suspending my strings of pear-forms, I was brought back to my first fascinations with the balance and movement of Alexander Calder’s mobiles. In Pear Helix, the empty space becomes just as important as the forms themselves. To me, the small, connected forms are an intertwined family.

Pear Helix                          Pear Helix detail  

Friday, May 6, 2011

My Affordable Art Fair Experience.... NYC 2011 (by Kayleen Horsma)

Affordable Art Fair ...NYC...2011 and my OOBE

Tried, I really did ;) , to have an OOBE (out of body experience). I was hoping that I could just hop over to the AAF in New York, NY... right over by the Empire St. Bldng...., yah, didn't get too far with that... I get to have my preview party right here... Thanks to technology!

Thought I would share a bit of what my laptop is doing for me, and how I am making the most of it here with out packing any bags or wondering what I should wear....

I have enjoyed 'meeting' a few of the great artists that also work with Ugallery... each of them deserving and worth taking a look!

Rebecca Rousseau (North Carolina) and I chatted a bit on Facebook on the opening night, fun lady! She sold 3 paintings on the preview night!

Duane Romanell and his wife Christine Soccio (New Jersey) attended the preview night and kindly sent me some photos of the opening. That was so thoughtful of them... I was feeling so bummed about not going!

Duane left the nicest comment for me on my Ugallery blog...
"Kayleen - Just wanted to comment on how beautiful your work looks up close and in person. I stopped by the AAF show in Manhattan last night with my wife (and fellow UGallery artist) Christine Soccio to check out the booth, and so your work hanging there. Very stunning, very bright and colorful, and very well done. Completely impressed with your art. I wish you much good success with all of it."

It almost feels like I am at the fair... well, not really.... I think it would be so great if I could have my spirit travel to great museums and places I have never been! Bringing home trinkets wouldn't be so easy, but I am not so sure that one would need them if a person could visit them when we have the whim.

***click on the images to expand*****

To see more photos and get a better feel for the AAF... click here ...
To see or purchase the art work at Ugallery's booth at the here ...

For the second season, AAF NYC also will offer Free Admission for all visitors on Thursday, May 5 from 6:00-8:00PM, making art accessible for all. In celebration of Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 8, Moms accompanied by a child will be welcomed to AAF with free admission and a special Mother’s Day gift bag. As always, all children under 12 can attend the fair no admission charge during all public hours.
General Admission: May 5th – 8th, 2011
Thursday, May 5: 11:00AM-8:00 PM
6:00 – 8:00 PM Free Admission
Friday, May 6th: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Saturday, May 7th: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Sunday, May 8th: 11:00 AM-5:00 PM Mother’s Day: Mothers attending the fair with a child will receive free admission and a AAF Mother’s Day gift bag (while supplies last).
Tickets: General admission tickets $20
Students and Seniors: $15
Group discounts (10+): $10
Children under 12: FREE during public fair hours
Happy Mother’s Day: Sunday, May 8: Mothers attending the fair with a child will receive free admission and a AAF Mother’s Day gift bag (while supplies last).
To purchase tickets, please visit

Copied from Kayleen Horsma's blog.... which can be found here .